Recently, I have moved from a MacBook Pro to a Dell XPS running Windows 10 with Window’s Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) for my main workstation. This means learning new software and therefore keyboard shortcuts.

Here are some of the window management shortcuts that I have discovered and found very useful.

To cycle through the three window states (Minimized, Restore and Maximized) for a given window/application:

Win + Ctrl + Up arrow
Win + Ctrl + Down arrow

Force a window to a SnapZone (Windows 10 ships with a 50% split on each monitor so this shortcut will push an application into one):

Win + Left arrow
Win + Right arrow

Move a window to another physical monitor:

Win + Shift + Left arrow
Win + Shift + Right arrow

Jump to another virtual desktop/workspace:

Win + Ctrl + Left arrow
Win + Ctrl + Right arrow

Give a virtual desktop/workspace a vanity name:

Win + Ctrl + R

Move a window to another virtual desktop/workspace:

Win + Alt + Left arrow
Win + Alt + Right arrow

To open an application As Administrator you can hold down Ctrl + Shift whilst pressing Enter. The UAC dialogue will show, press Right arrow to move to the confirm button and press Enter again.